The program runs over eight weeks, from June 20 to Aug. 10, 2023.



Course credits are awarded through UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences. Students from other schools and universities should inquire with their institutions about transfer credits.


Real-World Project

Complete a career-focused project that you can refer to in your next internship or job interview.

Get Ready For Your Career

UVA Launchpad is an intensive, eight-week career readiness program that blends courses on leadership, critical thinking, and more with technical bootcamp training in areas such as cloud computing. It also includes a project designed to give students useful experience to reference in job interviews.

Why UVA Launchpad?

Eighty percent of employers say it's very important that recent college grads demonstrate the ability to apply learning in real-world settings.1 Launchpad build this type of experience by combining coursework with practical project-based learning. 

Both in-person and remote options are available for 2023. Fill out the request for information form at the bottom of this page to stay updated! 

How It Works


  • Online instruction with an in-person option
  • 8-week program
  • 6 undergraduate credits from UVA's College of Arts & Sciences
  • Rising second-, third- and fourth-year students are eligible
  • Students from other schools and universities are welcome
  • Flat $3,700 program cost

What Will I Learn?

Students select one course from each of the following categories (all courses are 2 credits):


Liberal Arts Courses

  • Ethics in the Digital World
  • Talking and Listening with Presence
  • Empathy as a Skill for Leadership and Collaboration
  • Societal Breakdown and Cultural Repair


  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • Aligning Professional Goals and Social Values
  • Climate Summit: Communicating and Acting on Climate Change


  • Online option
  • In-person option


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One of the most valuable things I learned was the idea that a good strategy involves some kind of iterative, improvement process baked into its design. This way, the process itself is never allowed to stagnate, can easily correct mistakes and can adapt to future challenges.

Alexander di Mauro
Psychology student, College of Arts & Sciences

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